Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011

Hey Guys!I just went to the Gunpla Expo today!I didn’t take all the pictures though because the battery was going to run out,the only ones I need to take are The GBWC 2011 entries!(and I didn’t get anytinh from there,T_T)

P.S.Click on the images to make it bigger



Yeah,I kinda feel like talking about it because I couldn’t share anyone with it,T_T.I kinda love themmthey’re very fun to watch and read,well I mostly watch.I only read those mangas that have too many episodes for an anime(some) like Naruto,Bleach,One piece,etc,etc.So far,I’m more focused into Naruto,-_-.Damn,the tension is really incredible.Was planning to read Bleach soon as well,then One Piece.Yeah,I just started,pretty slow,^^;.I mostly kinda am into Naruto must be because Naruto was the first anime I known to call it an “anime” even though I seen a lot of animes on a kids show with terrible Singapore shit-ass dubs..Even some,those animes which are seem to be childish like,^^;.It motivated me because of how interesting the story and characters are.Bleach,I heard my sis called it boring,well,someone told me it wasn’t so I decided to give it a try.One piece seems soo damn childish,kinda.No offense but yeah but It seems good as well.Watched it once,then I stopped,forgot why.Fairy Tail,I hear it before,I was curious about it now.Gundam,somewhat boring,somewhat interesting.I think this is a bit too weird on me giving opinions about this,^^;.Fullmetal Alchemist,My brother knows it more than me!!!T_T.I was suppose to watch it together woth him but he went and finish it without me(not brotherhood,though).I wonder,is there a difference between the two anime series and the Manga?

Looks like I’m gonna end for now because I feel like doing something else

This song is super addictive to hear!!!!!

This one as well!!!!(I’m always into new songs,^^;)

P.S. I kinda feel like shonen jump is my favourite manga studio(I dunno if that’s what it’s called) for the popular ones though like Dragon Ball,Naruto,etc,etc

I’m back!

Not like people know that but I am back.Those who don;t care,f*** OFF!I haven’t been blogging because I forgot,^^;.The GUNPLA new project I;m kaing actually has been finished long time ago cause my bro wanted to fix it as well.I’ve been busy with my exams lately(not rlly,O.0).Yeah,it’s my exam period.I’m planning to rest for now,maybe i’m studying later.I think I got a lot to say though.But not this post,bye!

Just because I put this pic does not mean I’m a big fan of VANGUARD!I just love how the design is.(I’m just random,besides,I love putting this kind of stuff!)

And this!Love this song(I’m more into Japanese songs than English,^^;At least it’s not K-POP![Not saying I hate k-pop,they’re just annoying at my country with people hearing them,OVERUSED!!!!])


Gundam weathering test #01-filter/fade(I think…)

Hey guys,Yesterday I tried to do weathering for a test,and as you can see below,I’m gonna use mY HG 1/144 Beginning Gundam

Here are the parts separated

Here’s the head part before weathered..

And now,here it is weathered

I kinda forget to show ya for the rest of the parts though for before and after,sorry,only the head.

And yeah,actually,All I did was just use a black Gundam marker and then put it in the tray and then use a cotton bud and then slowly(not that slow) and gently(tried though) smudge it on the parts.Didn’t go so well though

Here’s beggining Gundam,all weathered.There were a few screw ups,though.

1.I tried drybrushing my begiining Gundam with Silver but the paint got all over the part,just a few of them though.

2.Ya see some black marks on the left leg,yeah,I guess it must be because I must have used too much of the Gundam black marker and didn;t gently smudge it.

random shot of Beginning Gundam

Oh and I do realize that if it would be better if it was sprayed with flat top coat for the Gundam,the weathering would be better and easier for my opinion though so I actually didn’t top coat though(no money,T_T).I just sanded with a sandpaper and tried it out,the results looks alright though,must be because of the sanding but it would be better of if topcoated with flat.

Another blurry shot and example of how the wheatering will look like if it was flat

Another random shot for Beginning Gundam.

Failed posing,-_-;(Because the Lu bu box art was suporting Beginning gundam,didn;t have any action base…)

And that’s not al though

I aksi decided to try it on my SD 00 Quanta which was actually already rop coated flat,the results looks promising though but there were a few flaws though.But I did like the results.And I also realised that I should just put in a little dot(not too big or medium) just so that the weathering will look something like

this.I loved the results but I didn’t like that ugly black line(If ya know what I’m meaning,though.I just wanted the weathering to look like a of dirty white(not too dirty though,about 10-5%) too show the Gundam that had been in battle

Just  2 random shots for my weathered 00 Quanta Head.

I guess that should be all though.I’m not sure what that weathering technique is called but it is a sinple and basic technique,but I think it is called Filter/Fade or I think it was Pastel weathering(Or not as I think that would only be for Crayons?).Not sure though.So,I kinda have a question though,would black be better,or brown(dirt or dark grey would fit for the Gundam weathering?Well,as for now….


P.S.Next one,I may be doing paint chipping though…

WIP SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors:Three Brothers Part 4(Final)

Hey Guys!I know I actually haven’t finished painting all the parts to the original colours but I was actually too lazy too handpaint every single part of theirs,So I decided to stop and finish them looking like This!

Yup,that’s how they look like

Closer look at Liu Bei/Ryuubi

Guan Yu/Kan-U

And Zhang Fei/Chou-Hi!

Random 2 Photos

Yup and that’s about it for them,and yeah they’re gonna be my 2nd last Sangokuden that I will be making because

1.I’m gonna be 15 and yeah I’m gonna go for the Open Category next year

2.I think the Original SD’s were much more better than the Sangokuden…

3.I keep getting a lot of Sangokuden and I actually want more of the original GUNPLA instead of the Sangokuden,-_-

Yup that should be all though.

And here’s a sneek preview for my next project!

That’s right,bee-yotches!Feel the Power of Photoshop!

Betcha won’t know what this will be,or maybe,argh!It depends,tough…


Random Talking #02:Opening up my eyes!

Yeah,baby!I finally found my true interest next to games,MOVIES!!!!

Thanks to the Captain America Movie,now fighting games becomes my secondary or third favourite,followed up by comic books!The Captain America Movie was awesome man!Y’all should’ve seen it!Oh yeah,I also watched Harry Potter as well,It was as good as Captain America though,it’s just that Captain America was awesome than Harry Potter and Harry Potter was touching than Captain America.Not “way more”,BTW.It was better than the Transformers movie,though.Not saying that Transformers sucks,it’s a good movie but not as good as Captain America!(and depending on the movies which I think it was better for this year).So can’t wait for next year’s Movie!If ya wanna know,watch it till the end!Yup,I think I;ve been into video games too much,So I guess it’s better off I should not talk about them too much,though.My brother got annoyed in the morning with my alarm,Captain america song,<3.Yeah,It even made me go back to me making movies,It’s been a long time I haven’t been making it though,T_T,didn’t have any Ideas!Oh yeah,The Gundam competitions coming up,I already planned it!

Yeah man,The GBWC 2011!

Oh and here’s an animation that I made it a few days ago,-_-

I’m pretty new to animation,but I hope ya enjoy!Ok,movies,video games,Gundam compeition,I got a lot of things to do,Oh yeah and my studies as well.Tommorows(Or today maybe…) the day I’m fasting.It‘s a muslim thing,though.K,so bye

And here’s a video and a picture to show about this blog!


WIP SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors:Three Brothers Part 3-Painting The dark parts final part(WTH!?)

Hey guys!

Long time I haven’t been updating!

Let’s go!

This is the paint I’ll be using!

Leaving it to dry…..

The painted parts,dried.Not really a good result,tough but it seems satisfying

So that’s all,folks!

Goodbye.Tommorow,will be the end for this project because I already ****** **.

Going on to the next project,babeeeey!!~

Random talking #01

Yup,this here is where I talk about the things I wanna write about.It’s going to be the things I like to write out,for FUN!!!

So first,what I wanna talk about is when I went to the arcade.Yup,I went there today,when my brother starts his tuition,Muahahahahaaaa!Bah,not like he cares.The only type of games I love to play over there was FIGHTING GAMES!!

Yup,fighting games.They are damn fun,mostly I would play Street Fighter over there(Super Street fighter IV:Arcade Edition is the new occuring one right now).Most of the people play over there,It was crazy.How I started it was when I was upset that I could not play my XBOX 360(because of the game addiction subject[maybe],ya know) during school days(I wanted to play Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 So much!).Then I decided to take a look at the Arcade called ‘TimeZone’.I looked at Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and I was happy so a few days later,I started playing that game only once.When I saw Street Fighter IV(with no “SUPER” over there).The gameplay seems fun.Then I decided to try it out.It was damn fun,that I could not stop talking about it to my bro(h’s very bored about it,^^) until now.The game was damn addicting.I also did remember the time when I was looking for a place that have “SUPER Street Fighter IV” because I wanted to try out the newer version.I don’t really remember how I know that Bugis has an arcade center over there,but when I know they had one,I tried to find it,it was annoying and torture for me,then when I finally founf it,I saw “Super Street Fighter IV” Arcade Cabinets right in front of my eyes!I was happy so I straight away played it and then suddenly they said “A NEW WARRIOR HAS ENTER THE RING!”.I saw a character that I have never seen before then I fought him,then suddenly,I lost.After I lost,I looked around and I saw a man looking at me,using that particular character!I was surprised that I was fighting against someone,then I played again then when it happened again,I lost again!I was new to that game,the rest were like so damn good and better than me,then I decided to look for another arcade cabinet to play then suddenly I fought with someone else again,I lost.The last one happens as well.I was curious why are there people playing against each other over there.But I was also happy that I get to find the arcade center at Bugis.Once I got up,I was surprised that I saw a familiar place where I could have gone there.I got so worked up for finding it and then suddenly I didn’t realise it was here all along,stupid directory that does not make any sense!How I know the reason people was fighting against each other was when I went to another place called “Star Factory” at Tampines Century Square.I see what was inside there and I was also glad that they had Super Street Fighter IV over there!I played over there then suddenly I fought against an Oni player,I lost again,I dunno how many times I lost,I was a noob back then.Well there was also a time that I realised that the arcade center at Bugis and the arcade center at Tampines CS were in the same company!Yup,that’s how my video game world started!And I’m also going to plan to try and not get too addicted to it so that it will not affect my studies!Well,I’ll still play them more ya know,I guess that’s another reason why ihaven’t been much into GUNPLA lately,^^:.I may  cover up next time but for now,

~See Ya Next Time!~

Oh and here’s the pic for this blog!!!

WIP SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors:Three Brothers Part 2-Straight Building Part 2 and Painting White

Hey Guys,I’m back!

I’ve been doing this for two days already.Because Yesterday I started a bit too late and I got tired then I continued today

So here we go!

Here are the pics of them already separated into parts.So that I can paint them.And also I already cut out the armour parts!

Zhang Fei/Chou-Hi


Guan Yu/Kan-U(Dammit!Blurry pic.>.<)

Liu Bei/Ryuubi

Yup,that’s for the Straight building,On to the painting

I first started with painting the white parts for each of them.The results:Didn’t go so well,-_- but quite satisfying,^^;

And there were a few fails with the paint I bought

Because when I bought Mr.Color Flat White….

It gave me a gloss looking instead(for Zhang Fei/Chou-Hi that is!)and this is the drying process(yet another blurry pic again,-_-)



Two pics of Zhang Fei/Chou-Hi drying process(Blur again)

And here’s the result!It’s thick!!!Why!?I did the method from mokanaman ‘s vid and this happened!And this is lacquer.So anyone knows why?

Oh and Guan yu/Kan-U’s one was worse,I just paint it from the bottle without thinner and retarder,it looks very thick!

Reason:I thought the paint was not that thick and when I painted it,it was!How silly of me

Reason for thinking it’s not thick:Because it needed layers to be painted.I was puzzled.Anyone knows why?

Then the next day,I started painting Liu Bei/Ryuubi’s parts and ya know what happened?

The paint got thick!And the result was better and more satisfying,What the heck!?

Well,at 3pm I stopped because I had tuition(at Bugis).

Then after tutition,I continued painting Liu bei/Ryuubi

It’s still thick though,and It is also the same method I did for mokanaman’s vid.

The result was better because it was flat!Finally!!But thick,>.<

Does anyone know what I had done wrong?

Well There it goes for the WIP so…..

~So Long~







WIP SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors:Three Brothers Part 1-Straight build-part I

(Note:Hey guy’s,I’ve shifted my blog to here so that I can get a permanent name on my stuff like video games[mostly fighting games],GUNPLA,Movie-making,etc.)

So here’s my first WIP

Yup,these guy’s!Won them from A competition,:3

I’ve decided to make them to their original colour scheme because

1. I don’t think all gold would be too good for them(random reason)

2.Maybe I wanna try out my painting skills

3.For fun!

I seriously have nothing to say,I have my reasons(other than those from above)

Well,the first part will be straight forward building.It’s the first part,and I’m doing on the body parts first.

But first I do the easy ones


Nuff saidz..

Didn’t have time because I was too busy.What I did was cement then sand the seam lines and sand the nub marks,usual stuff.It’s just like this

Zhang Fei/Chou-hi

Guan Yu/Kan-U

And of course,Liu Bei/Ryuubi

Well That’s it for today,I’m going to back to sleep so….

~So long~